Waterfront Festival 2017 – The biggest Fool’s Flotilla yet!

TDS was proud to sponsor another year at The Waterfront Festival this past weekend here in Madison.  The festival takes place in Yahara Place Park, nestled on the northern shore of Lake Monona near where it meets the Yahara River just a couple of blocks from Williamson St., Schenk’s Corner, and just a few blocks from our office.

We are happy to support the Marquette Neighborhood Association through our sponsorship so that they can achieve their goals and mission to make our east side neighborhoods stronger.

Wisconsin River Alliance Fool's Flotilla at Waterfront Festival 2017

Photo by Ben Blogett

Did you see The Fool’s Flotilla on Sunday?  Sponsored by the River Alliance of Wisconsin, the small but mighty Yahara river was taken over by 250+ costumed boats, floats, and musicians!  The canoe parade has really caught on and has become a much-anticipated, spectacular addition to the water-themed festival.

Want to learn more about the Waterfront Festival?  Details can be found at: http://marquette-neighborhood.org/festivals/waterfront-festival/