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Janine Moore

Interior Designer

Janine joined the TDS team in 2021 as an Interior Designer, with over 20 years of experience. After graduating from UW Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Environment, Textiles and Design, she spent 11 years working in commercial healthcare for a design build firm. She also completed the NCIDQ certification process, which is the industry’s recognized indicator of proficiency in interior design principles.

As the child of an artist who followed his passion, she lived in 10 homes by the time she graduated high school. From San Francisco to New York, each city had its own energy, architecture, and unique spaces. Being exposed to different environments led to a fascination with design and architecture early in life.

What do you value about TDS as a company? What makes you proud to work here?

I value the consistent effort to create a successful and comfortable work environment. And I’m proud of the dedication of TDSers to provide fair and quality projects for our clients. 

What unique things do you bring to TDS? What do your colleagues value in you as a coworker?

I bring eccentricity: the deviation from an established pattern or norm. And, according to Ian… my colleagues value my eternally optimistic and sunny demeanor (he may have been joking 😉 )

If you were to assign yourself an informal title within the TDS team, it would be:

Material Banker 

What is your favorite tool? (power tool or otherwise) 

My 2″ Purdy angled paint brush. I love cutting in paint edges.