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Sean Size

Head of Production

Alt Job Title: Dog Whisperer

“TDS does a great job seamlessly blending the old with the new. I appreciate the care TDS gives to the preservation of our older buildings and by extension, respect to all the previous generations of builders.”

Sean has been remodeling for over 20 years. Before joining TDS in 2009, he ran his own business. He has a keen understanding of the building code, so co-workers often go to him with questions. It gives him a sense of pride to make new things look like they’ve always been there, and he enjoys the creative challenge it can sometimes take to achieve that.

In his free time Sean mentors a local high school robotics team, and enjoys hiking in the woods and cooking with family. He’s also been exploring turning drawing into physical objects with 3D printers and CNC routers.

Worth noting: 

I prefer to fix something rather than replace it.

Favorite tool (power tool or otherwise):

My Neos Overshoes