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A whole home remodel for a classic home in Maple Bluff, WI by TDS Custom Construction.
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Home Remodeling Process

Improving your living environment is an exciting experience. Our 30+ years of experience enable us to guide you through the joys and challenges of the home remodeling process.


Lets talk.


Planning is the key to success! Our very first visit is a conversation to listen to your objectives, provide guidance and gather general project elements. You are encouraged to provide photos of projects you like and a rough outline of your needs, and have some idea of your financial investment in the project. That information forms the basis of our relationship together!


Expectations, scope and drawings.


A great project begins with a great plan, and the TDS Custom Construction in-house design team is recognized for creative excellence. Our professionals utilize years of practical remodeling and design experience to develop custom additions and remodeled spaces that integrate seamlessly with existing structures. Specialists, such as our Certified Kitchen Designer and Universal Design Certified Professional, allow us to fulfill all of your design needs.


Product selection and target date.


Product selection can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you pick out key elements like tile, fixtures, cabinets, and counter tops and ensure that the each matches your style and personality. Based on those selections we present a budget to ensure you’re aware of the costs upfront.


Demolition, framing and finish work.


We begin by installing coverings throughout your home to protect your belongings. Then we remove everything that is no longer needed. If necessary, the foundation is poured and the structure of the project is framed in. Once the plumbing, electrical, HVAC and mechanical work is completed, the project comes to life! The insulation and drywall is installed, followed by painting, interior doors, millwork, cabinets, floor coverings, countertops, plumbing and lighting fixtures.


Final inspections and client approval.


Our job’s not finished until you’re satisfied! Our lead carpenter assembles a list of the remaining items, which we review with you to make sure it’s comprehensive. After the list is completed and we pass final inspection, the project is considered complete. You won’t have to worry after settling into your new space, as we offer a one-year warranty on all work performed.

Typical Project Timeline

Remodeling is an exciting time for homeowners and this overview is meant to serve as a helpful guide. All projects are unique but most follow this basic timeline. We look forward to working with you to create a final product you love. Download our complete TDS Custom Construction Process below.

Download the PDF

Ready to start your project?

Our relationships are based on mutual respect and open communication with our clients, employees, subcontractors, and our local community. We strive to empower our clients and employees and foster long term relationships that support our shared goals.